2016 AGM Minutes

Please see below a copy of the minutes from the AGM.

2015 awards

Top point scorer – Matthew – 2194pts
Junior points – Owen – 1488pts
Top Final winner – Matthew – 22 wins
Top consolation winner – TBC – Scott, Josh, Ryan  – 6 wins each

Roll of honour :
Matt – World Champion & British champion
Ben – Dutch open
Junior Challenge – Ryan Malt
Kiwi – Matthew
Long Track – Jono
Ian Kitely – Pairs – Ryan & Owen

Thanks :-
Clive – Kiwi Cup
Darren & Lorraine – Long Track
Kate/Martin – race control
Matt – Website/Facebook
Kath – Food
Catherine – Accounts/Trophies/Raffle – National
Deb – Raffle – National
Kerry – National – Cake donations
Points – Jono
Ryan– Grading
Matt – Website/Facebook

Re-election of Posts- all to step down – who wants to stand ?
Promoting – Loz & Martin O’Neil now voted in
Accounts – Catherine – Catherine re-elected
Points – Jono – Jono to step down – Ryan Cattell now elected
Grading – Ryan–
Scrutineering – Scott Simon- Qwen now elected
Transponders – Charging – Team Malt to continue
Computer – Running – Kate, Martin and Josh Malt

Race Fees – to now change as from 15/1/16– Adult £5, Junior £2

Membership – BRCA,  – £17 per member – taking payment tonight – after tonight this can be done indiviaually online, I have the link.
Club membership – £7 adults £3 juniors – to be paid  by end of Jan 2016 – need to be a member to score points in Long Track/Kiwi etc.

Ian Kitely pairs – December 16th
Kiwi Cup – December 2nd
Long Track – December 9th
Junior Meeting – November 4th
National – TBC
No meeting 4th March – Church want the hall
Good Friday – No Meeting 25th March
Therefore – 11th will be kiwi cup – 18th will be long track
Christmas/winter break – no meeting 23rd December & 30th December
Possible that the meeting on the 1st Friday in September might be cancelled due to F1 world final at Coventry.

6th Jan 2017 – AGM

Facebook/Website – please obey the rules.



Loud & very bad foul language to stop.

Running on the night – track up/down, Rubbish etc

BRCA Numbers – Loz to chase up list with BRCA Rep

Car parking – please do not park across the doors, these are fire exits

Proposals : List 2015
The Junior club final to be a standard 5 minute race without a lap handicap.

Club Car

Tables – Club to look into purchasing some more tables

Publicity – Need to look into various ways of publicising the club, local school fates, advertising in local area, stoxnet, etc – any help or ideas welcome.

Cov Champs:- every 2 years
Anyone want to sponsor it

Proposals: 2016:

Matthew Bennett

Two proposals to vote on either way (one or the other, or neither).

The aim of both of these is to allow more drivers a chance to get to superstar grade:

A minimum of two superstar drivers to be listed in each grading period.


Any driver holding a national title (IE World, European, British or National Points) to be graded as CBDG superstar for the duration of the title and will not count towards the monthly grading of superstars.

voted in – 3 Superstars each month

Ryan Cattell
1)   Meeting qualification to be on points instead of laps, this will then allow me to coincide a monthly Grading list to reflect the Points championship. – Voted in.

2) Points from final and consolation to be used in monthly grading to make the 2 races more meaningful – voted in.

4) 3 Superstar slots to be available per month, championship title.holders to automatically hold superstar and will be exempt from the grading list. E.g the start of this season is just Matt so there will be 2 free superstar spots availabe per month. To allow for more drivers to reach superstar and red. – Voted in alongside Matt’s proposal.

extra trophy/shield/ for long track / kiwi cup as we don’t have ethier to be handed back at the end of November approx. costs per shield are around £35.00 to £70.00 each club to fund both (if there no increase in hall fees and no unexpected cost over the year 2016 ) race fee increase will cover these with in 4/5 months – voted in

1.)   New 3mm Scrutineering Plate as the old ones had it.- voted in – Rob to supply – thanks

as a reward for doing so well in the f1 world final josh smith 191  to be sponsored again for next year 2016 monies/tyres to be discussed at agm (if possible need advertisement on both cars and bigger than on his shale car for venues such as Coventry.birmingham,northampton, – Josh will be carrying the clubs name on his F1 tarmac & Shale + his Rebel, also Arron Hampstead also has the club name on his Rebel.

I know I’m new to this club. But I was surprised it was only £4.50 to race. I would have no issue with it being raised to £5. – Voted in as above.


Concessions voted in for over 65’s – £3 to race.

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