What is a 1/12th Stockcar?

A 1/12th Stockcar is a scale radio controlled version of a full size BRISCA Formula 1 Stockcar.  It is roughly 30cm long.

It is powered by an electric motor and a 7.2 volt battery pack.  It runs on foam tyres, of which various compounds are available.  Only one type of electric motor is permitted, and there is a price limit on electronic speed controllers (many people still use manual controllers).  As a result of this, the racing is affordable, fair and extremely close – having deep pockets won’t win you many races!

Stockcars race around purpose built oval tracks on specially designed carpet, which is both grippy and durable.  They reach high speeds, and are capable of completing a lap in under 3 seconds around the tightest tracks in the country.

What makes these cars different from other radio controlled cars?  CONTACT!  Just like their full size counterparts, contact is allowed and encouraged in Stockcar racing.  This is no banger race though, the perfect hit is an art form in itself – allowing you to gain a position whilst stopping your opponent from repeating the act on the next corner.  The cars are well built, and will take extreme punishment without breaking.

They are highly tuneable to your driving style, with the tyres, suspension and gear ratios all being fully adjustable.

You’ll struggle to buy a 1/12th Stockcar in the shops, the best way to acquire a car is to go along to a race meeting at your local club.  There’s usually second hand cars available to start you off, or you can buy a brand new, scratch built car from certain drivers.