Club Rules

  • If you race you are expected to help assemble and dis-assemble the track and leave the hall in a tidy condition
  • All drivers over 12 are expected to marshall after their heat
  • Anyone not marshalling will have 25 laps deducted from their best score
  • All drivers are expected to help put the track up and down
  • Do not shout at marshalls, you shouldn’t have crashed in the first place
  • Any car racing with the wrong roof colour will be deducted 5 laps per race. One weeks grace period following new grades
  • The meeting organiser’s decision is final

We race to the BRCA 1/12th Stockcar Rulebook which reads as follows:

General Construction Rules (2014)

1. No car shall be constructed so as to be dangerous to persons or cause damage to   competitor’s cars or to the track surface. No sharp or protruding objects are allowed on the cars.
2. Body and chassis must be securely joined at the start of race and must remain on car during the race. When initially entered at a meeting the body shell must be neatly finished and complete.
3. Steel whip aerials and rollover masts are not allowed.
4. Radio control receivers carried in the car can have either two devices connected, (normally the steering servo and the speed controller) or 3 channel (can be used for flashing lights for club level or superstars for national level). Receiver battery packs are
5. Tyres must be foam or rubber, you can change them from kit supplied and use sleeves, Tyre additives are not allowed.
6. The use of multiple speed transmissions (gearboxes) are not allowed, any 32dp pitch gears and holders are allowed.
7. For drivers wishing to develop or modify cars, this should be done and tested at club level. The next stage is then to test at National level, with the consent of the committee. Any testing at Nationals, will lead to the driver going to the last position after qualifying i.e. if there are 20 drivers competing, after qualifying the testing driver will be deemed to be 20th. No testing driver will pick up any points for the series or receive any trophies.
8. There is a minimum ground clearance of 3mm; this includes any protruding screws, 1mm clearance for spur gear.
9. Servo savers, track rods and track rod ends can all be uprated from kit supplied.
10. Limited slip devices and differentials of any kind are not allowed, solid rear axle only.
11. All cars must have reverse fitted and working at the start of the race.
12. Cars are to be powered by either a brushed motor with batteries of nominal voltage 4.8/7.2v according to class or a brushless
motor and batteries of nominal voltage 3.7v as defined below

Stockcar Construction Rules (2014)

1. Models to be a reasonable representation of a full size open wheel (Brisca F1 or F2 type car)
2. Overall chassis length to be between 285mm and 310mm. Overall chassis width to be a maximum of 160mm.
3. Front and rear bumpers must be fitted, and have a contact surface between 9mm and 16mm. The distance between the bumper centreline and the ground must be between 32mm and 41mm. All bumpers must be plugged and have no sharp edges and must be constructed from a non-metallic material.
4. Over riders must be bolted to front and rear bumpers. The height from the top of the bumper to the top of the overrides must be between 19mm and 32mm at the front and must have a maximum of 19mm at the rear.
5. Nerf bars must be fitted on the same level as the bumpers and attached to the chassis rails with a maximum contact surface of 10mm.
6. Bodies and aerofoils must be made from ABS or polycarbonate, metal bodies or aerofoils are not allowed. All four windows must be cut out on both Lexan and ABS Shells. The height of the body roof from the floor to be between 88mm and 126mm.
Aerofoils if fitted must have no sharp edges and be mounted in a safe manner. The maximum size of the centre panel must be no more than 126mm-126mm, and the side panels 126mm-70mm. The roofs must be painted down to the waistline of the body with the driver’s classification colour, if an aerofoil is fitted; this alone may be painted with the driver’s classification colour, if the driver wishes.
7. Driver’s national race number must be displayed on the exterior of the car, with a minimum height of 10mm. Any colour may be used but it must be legible. Only one racing number allowed per membership. The drivers name must be on the outside of the body.
8. The cost of the complete car excluding radio equipment and cells must not exceed £185.00. In the case of scratch built cars the entrant must be prepared to produce replicas of the car if so required for a price of £185.00 or less.
9. Arial tubes to be a maximum height of 200mm from track surface.
10. Tyres must have a minimum 12mm and maximum 26mm width, and maximum 60mm diameter.
11. Ball races are allowed on the front and rear axle.
12. Base plate to be made from GRP only, top chassis to be nylon or polypropylene only.
13. Front suspension can be used with no damping allowed.

Cars with G2 2010 Brushed motors will be powered by sub C sized batteries with 1.2v nominal voltage.

Brushed = 6 cell, 7.2v Nominal
Brushless = a combination of speed controller and motor (Speed Passion v3 10.5t motor and the Pace 45R or 60R speed control)